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Republic of Korea
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Urgent Processing

As you may understand, we receive many requests each day to process temporary visa applications quickly. These are for many reasons but many are - sadly - in response to poor planning.
So we can be fair to those who lodged their visa applications with sufficient time, please read below what we treat as ‘urgent’ and what temporary visa applications will receive urgent attention.

What’s urgent?
‘Urgent processing’ will be considered under the following situations:

  • When an applicant needs to travel to Australia for a compelling or compassionate reason outside of their control.
    • For example: a family member has been in a traffic accident in Australia and the applicant needs to travel that evening.
  • When it is in Australia’s interest.
    • For example: when a Korean or Japanese government delegation requires visas to attend meetings with their Australian government counterparts.

What’s not urgent?
To be clear, an applicant’s bad planning does not make for our emergency.
We must process the visa applications of many people who lodged in plenty of time for their travel to Australia.
Even the big events in life, like a wedding or attending the birth of a child don’t happen without sufficient prior notice.


Updated 12/10/2016