Australian Embassy
Republic of Korea
Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Withdrawing applications

You can withdraw your visa application at any stage during processing. 
If you would like to withdraw your visa application because you no longer wish to proceed with your visa application, please follow the instruction below.

1. Complete the Form 1446 – Withdrawal of a visa application.
2. For online application: please upload the completed Form 1446 in your ImmiAccount. 
    For paper application: please send the completed form 1446 to us by email at

Please note the following prior to providing us the form:

1.  You should fill out all of the necessary sections and sign & date the declaration of the Form 1446.
2.  Generally, the Visa Application Charge cannot be refunded even if you withdraw your visa application unless you satisfy the Visa Application Charge refund provisions.  Changing your mind about continuing your visa application does not apply under refund provisions.


Last updated: 10/12/2018