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Evidence of Resident Status

Cessation of the Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status (CERS)
On 1 June 2016, the Department of Home Affairs ceased issuing the CERS in all circumstances.  Under Australia’s new National Identity Proofing Guidelines the CERS is no longer an accepted form of identification as the information is unable to be verified online.  

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) and myVEVO Mobile App
Australian visa holders are encouraged to use their foreign passport to access VEVO, a free web service which allows visa holders and Australian organisations access to visa status and entitlements anywhere, any time.  Visa holders can also check and email their visa details through the myVEVO mobile app free of charge.  VEVO is the most reliable means for visa holders to provide up to date evidence of their visa status.  While foreign governments do not have access to VEVO, visa holders are able to send their visa details to any third party (including diplomatic missions) by utilising the ‘email entitlements’ functionality. The email is sent from an official email address providing greater assurance of the integrity and reliability of the information.

Note: If an Australian visa holder obtains a new passport, they must notify the Department of their new passport details and have their visa electronically linked to it.  This not only enables them to use VEVO, but will facilitate streamlined travel at the border.


Last Updated: 21/12/2017