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Passport and Notarial Fee Increase – 1 January 2017

Passport and Notarial Fee Increase – 1 January 2017


Passport and Notarial fees will increase on 1 January 2017.  Fees in Korean Won are based on monthly exchange rates calculated at the beginning of each month. 


Notarial Fees:

In the May 2016 Federal Budget the Government committed to an increase in Notarial fees. Notarial fees have not increased for 16 years, since 1 July 2000, and the new fee structure will simplify the existing fee structure. The new fee schedule takes into account the annual rate of inflation in Australia since fees were last increased, the growing cost of delivering notarial services and rising demand.  From 2018 onwards, notarial service fees will increase annually in line with the Consumer Price Index published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Further information can be obtained on the fee increase at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Website. The Notarial service fees from 1 January 2017 ($AUD) is also available for review in Australian Dollars.


Passport Fees:

Please note that these increases are in line with annual CPI indexation and fee increases announced in the Government's 2016-17 Budget. The following fees will apply:

• 10-year passport for persons aged 16 and over AUD277 [*AUD 380]

• 5-year passport for children under 16 years AUD139 [*AUD 191]

• 5-year passport option for persons aged 75 and over AUD139 [*AUD 191]

• Emergency passports AUD175

*Please note there is an overseas surcharge with all application submitted outside Australia - Adult and Senior AUD 103 & Minor AUD 52


 Further information can be obtained on the Australian Passports Office Website.