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Resident Return Visa

About this visa

A Resident Return visa is a permanent visa for current or former Australian permanent residents. This visa will allow you to maintain or regain your status as an Australian permanent resident on your return to Australia.

This visa is for you if the travel validity period of your permanent visa has expired or is about to expire.

Most applicants for the Resident Return visa are granted a visa which allows them to travel for up to five years.

To be granted a visa for five years, you must have lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least two of the last five years. If you do not meet this residence requirement but you can demonstrate substantial ties of benefit to Australia, you may be eligible to be granted the visa for one year.

If you do not meet the requirements of the subclass 155 visa you will be assessed for the subclass 157 visa which can be granted for three months.

If you want to continue travelling to and from Australia as a permanent resident you will need to obtain another Resident Return visa.

Family members

Family members must apply separately and pay a separate visa application charge.


Please refer to the department’s website for the information on the eligibility.
See: Resident Return Visas (Subclasses 155 and 157) > Visa applicants > Who could get this visa

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How do I apply for this visa?

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Last updated: 19/06/2018