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Medibank Private and other recent data breaches - advice for foreign passport holders

Medibank Private has advised the Australian Passport Office (APO) that no Australian Travel Document information was compromised in this breach.

Foreign passports for international students were compromised through this cyberattack. Medibank Private is contacting impacted customers directly.

If Medibank Private has advised you that your foreign passport information was compromised, you should contact the government that issued the passport for advice on what to do. This is also the case for all data breaches that impact foreign passport holders, including the recent breaches at Optus and Medlab.


More information:

Medibank impacted customers:


Optus impacted customers:


Medlab impacted customers:

Contact Medlab customer service directly on 1800 433 980, or go to their data breach web page(link is external).


(Contents published:22/11/2022)