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Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)


                                           ** IMPORTANT NOTICE **


We are currently experiencing a system issue where the family name is added to the given name on some Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) applications submitted through the web ETA System (Web ETAS).

While we are working to fix the issue, please be assured that you hold a valid ETA for travel to Australia even if your family name has been added to your given name on the application. Therefore you do not need to contact this office as the ETA grant letter cannot be reissued.  You may wish to keep a copy of your ETA grant letter at time of travel as reference of validity.


If you have an ETA-eligible passport, for example a Korean passport, you can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to travel to Australia for a short tourism or business trip.

If you do not have an ETA-eligible passport, please see Visa Options.

Help when applying for an ETA